What will the finish on my boxes look like?

Currently, all of our boxes are produced with a scratch-resistant satin finish by default. Printed areas will appear slightly reflective due to the hardened ink surface, while unprinted areas remain the texture and appearance of the material option you've chosen.

If you're looking for a more traditional "smooth satin" material, our premium clay-coated Dreamcoat™ has a soft-touch feel compared to our more natural Kraft and White material options. The color of our Dreamcoat is also a much brighter white than our standard White material, resulting in a vibrant printed color appearance on the finished box. Deep and dark colors produce a high-level of light reflectivity on printed areas, while pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle shimmer or nearly-matte effect.

If you would like to receive pre-printed, pre-sized samples to check out these options yourself, you can submit a request here

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