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Are there print quality differences between Kraft corrugated and white corrugated board?

Yes. Kraft is a gorgeous choice when printing darker and bolder colors, but the finished box won't necessarily have the same color intensity as the online proof. Additionally, the yellows and browns of the Kraft color will always show through a bit and influence the way the ink color appears. White corrugated produces exceptional print quality with all colors, especially lighter ones.

Please note that we can't print in white ink on Kraft corrugated board (or any of our other materials). However, adding a high resolution image of a Kraft texture onto a white box can result in a lovely reverse-out print that has a very similar effect.


November 1st - December 31st, 2018 we are offering White Ink on our Kraft material as a special option for no additional cost! Not sure how to set this up? Search "White Ink" in our support portal for a list of helpful solutions, or click on our Chat bubble in the lower right corner for immediate assistance :)

Kraft corrugated example: 

Standard White corrugated example: 

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