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How thick and heavy will my boxes be?

This largely depends on the dimensions and style you go for. We make default 'material' selections (thickness) for you based on your dimensions, but you can also make special requests. 

The bigger the box, the thicker the material. The bigger the box, the heavier it is. 

Our default board stock for each style is as follows:

Shipping Box
B-Flute 32 ECT - ⅛ inch thickness, can hold up to 30lbs
Mailer Box
E-Flute 32 ECT - 116 inch thickness, can hold up to 10lbs
We also offer C-Flute corrugated materials by custom order, and mailer boxes can be requested in B-Flute if desired.
Folding Carton
16pt SBS (depending on your box dimensions), can hold up to 16 Oz/ 1lb

While we do not have a handy dandy default weight table for our boxes like we do for our board stock, we will be happy to provide you with an approximate weight for your boxes. The weight is unique to the box style, board stock, and dimensions —so let us know all these specifications, or just the order number works too, when requesting the weight of your boxes. :)

Does this sound confusing? Just drop us a line and we can advise on what would best suit your needs.

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