How should I set up barcodes/UPCs for print?

There are a few industry-standard recommendations we would make for digital printing:

  • UPC-A type barcodes need to be at least 150% size (approx 2.2” wide) in order to scan properly.
    We recommend the height to be at least .5” tall.
  • Barcodes should be built as 100% Black only, in order to provide the best scannability.
    Building the file with a CMYK build or a screen of black can result in a barcode that will not scan.
  • Barcodes should be provided as vector files, or high resolution (300ppi at the intended print size) raster files in order to provide the best possible print quality. 

Barcodes are not recommended for digital printing on corrugated materials. We strongly recommend sourcing printed barcode stickers to go with our boxes for this purpose, as we are not currently equipped to offer barcode testing or verification on any of our box styles.

While we are unable to guarantee the scannability of barcodes printed using digital printing methods, the majority of our customers are pleased with the print results on their finished boxes when these guidelines are followed.

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