How can I find a designer?

We recommend working with a local designer who can meet with you in person, as this is usually the best way to be able to share your thoughts, sketches, and color choices.

If you are a member of a local Chamber of Commerce or business networking group, that can be an excellent place to get recommendations for graphic and packaging designers who have worked with similar businesses. If you're not a member, keep an eye out for attractive packaging in small businesses you patronize and don't be shy about asking them for a recommendation for a graphic designer.

Some things to look into about any designer you are considering:

  • Can you view a portfolio of their other work and speak with past clients?
  • Ask them what their process for proofing the designs will be with you. ¬†How will you feel comfortable that you're getting what you want?
  • Ask them about how they will work with you after you get the product - how easy will it be to restock or make further changes. Ask their past clients what their experience in this area has been, as well.
  • Ask them their policies for handling problems with an order - incorrect size or artwork, for example. Try to get specific examples where they have resolved issues in the past.
  • Do they have experience with digital printing onto corrugated materials?

Some possible red flags:

  • Designers who only give you one way to contact them - this can be an indicator of a scam.
  • Designers who "guarantee" a price before they see your design or know what you want, or offer only a "package deal" that bundles their design work with the price of the resulting boxes.
  • Designers who approach you without any outreach on your part.

If you have any questions or concerns when considering a new designer, please feel free to contact us for advice! :)

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