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How to design a double-sided mailer box using our online design tool:

While you've always been able to design both sides of our mailer boxes by using a dieline file, now you can do it easily using our online box designer!  

Double sided shipping boxes do not yet have the double sided feature on our online design tool (soon!). For now, a dieline file will be required for the designs of both sides of the shipping box. 

Before you start your design, be sure to Log In to your Packlane account at the top right of the screen; that way you can save your design for future reference and editing!

  1. On our homepage, select our mailer box style. You’ll be taken to our online design tool with its brand new customization menu on the right hand side.

  2. Select your box dimensions and material on the left so that your 3D preview will be as accurate as possible.
  3. If you have a quantity in mind, enter that so you see a price quote that will update in real-time according to your design choices. You can always update this once you're ready to you check out.  You can either select a quantity from the table on the left or use the quantity slider below the design to specify the number of boxes you'd like.
  4. On the right, under “Select a side,” you can now toggle between designing the Exterior and the Interior of the box.
  5. Click the box face you'd like to design. You'll see the box previewer rotate so that face is "front and center" in your view.
  6. If you have an artwork file (like a logo or graphic) you would like to put on that face, click "Add Artwork" and upload the file.  For best results, the file should be saved in CMYK at a minimum of 150 ppi at the actual size it will be printed.  

    This shows the aftermath of uploading a file containing the rose and purple "V" chevron graphic for the Exterior Front of the box, as shown below.

  7. If you'd like to add text to the face, click "Add Text" then select the font and color for the text.  As you type the text in the box, it will automatically size itself to the box and show you the preview of it on the box face.  You can resize the text manually by using the "handles" at the corners; you can reposition it by dragging and dropping it to the place you'd like it to appear.

    If you change your mind, click the "DELETE" button to remove the text from that box face.

  8. To add a flood of background color to the face or the box, click "Select a custom color"
  9. Select the color you would like and it's automatically applied to the face you've selected.  If you'd like to flood the entire exterior and/or interior with the same color, use the buttons in the menu to accomplish that. With full CMYK printing, you have thousands of colors to choose from, so you can match your branding to a T - just enter the CMYK values in the spaces at the top of the dialog box.

  10. Continue the process for each face and each side of the box until your design is complete!

  11. When you're done, we recommend that you click Save My Design so you have it for future reference (this is only available if you have logged in before creating your design).  You can also share it with colleagues and friends by clicking "Share My Design" or Reset it to start over with a blank slate.

  12. Click either Place Order or Checkout to proceed to checkout.  After you enter all of the information in the form, you'll see the shipping options and delivery date estimates for your order.

Some Handy Tricks of the Trade

Creating custom packaging can be tricky, so we’ve put together a top tip list of things to keep in mind while you embark on your journey to double-sided mailer boxes.

  1. Log in before you start so you can save your creation!
  2. Save files in CMYK – If you decide to add your own artwork, make sure you’re adding a design saved in CMYK. This will ensure you get a final product closest to your colorful vision.
  3. Be aware of budget – Double-sided printing is an excellent option to have, but it does require more ink and labor which consequently increases the cost of your project. Keep this in mind while working with a tight budget.
  4. Take advantage of our ‘Share’ option – It always helps to get a second opinion! Once you’ve created your box, you can download a 3D animation and send it to others or share it via a custom link.
  5. Color and Kraft – If you decide to go with our Kraft material, keep in mind that colors may be more muted or varied than if you select white or Dreamcoat.
  6. Design every inch – You now have the ability to design every part of your mailer box, including the closure flap. This can be a great opportunity for a little surprise and delight, like a secret message or discount. Take advantage!
  7. Got a special request? – Just because you don’t see it in our design tool, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Get in touch with our team and we’ll see what we can do to customize your box even further.

Incorporate these tips into your design, and you’re sure to end up with a doubly beautiful custom box.

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