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I got a coupon code via email as a reward. Now what?

The coupon code you received can be used on any purchase you make at Packlane.

Log in and create your box design, then click Checkout.  Or, if you have a checkout link provided by our Custom Sales or Customer Support teams, log in to and click your checkout link.

On the checkout page, paste the coupon code you received into the "Coupon" box on the right side of the screen right above your order subtotal. Click Apply and you'll see the discount immediately reflected in your balance due.

Coupons earned through PackPerks can be used only once and expire 18 months after being issued.  

Can't find that email?  Don't worry!  

The coupon codes you've received can be retrieved by clicking Rewards & Referrals, scrolling to the bottom of the widget, and clicking My Rewards.  

When you view the code you want, click "Copy" next to it, then paste it into the Coupon box on the checkout page as described above.

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