About Our White Ink

Digitally-printed white ink can be the star of the show as the only color on your design or it can be used alongside our full-color digital printing processes. At this time, overprinting colors on top of our white ink is not available due to setup limitations.

Our digital white ink is semi-opaque meaning that our kraft material may show through the ink a bit, giving it a natural, hand-printed look. Results can vary depending on your artwork as well as the kraft fiber content.

While White ink was a limited-edition Holiday option between 11/01/18-12/31/18, it is no longer available as a standard product. However, we're happy to quote a white ink project as a special upgrade with a minimum quantity of just 1 box! Please reach out to our support team to get started. :)

Not sure how to set up your special White Ink order? Search "White Ink" in our support portal for a list of helpful solutions, or click on our Chat bubble in the lower right corner for immediate assistance :)

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