Can I add a glossy coating to my boxes?

Kind of! We currently have a glossy print finish option available on our Dreamcoat material. :)

This means that unprinted (white) areas on your box will remain the original texture of the material itself, while printed (ink) areas will be cured to a high-shine gloss for a striking contrast! Deep and dark colors produce the highest level of gloss with this option. Pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle gloss or nearly-matte effect. In the example images below, the box on the right is showcasing our Glossy finish option.

To order glossy boxes you can go to our Mailer Box page*, select a stock size from our size menu, select Dreamcoat from the Material menu, and then select HDPrint Gloss in the Print Area Finish section. 

*This option is currently only available on stock size Mailer boxes

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