What is Econoflex?

Econoflex is our first response to one of our most popular customer requests: a fully recyclable, budget-friendly, and environmentally conscious Shipping box solution!

Our innovative Econoflex print technology achieves crisp, fine lines with half-tone designs, comparable to Flexographic printing. The boxes themselves are made using sturdy, 100% recycled and recyclable Kraft corrugated cardboard. All at an economical price point!

A few things to note about ordering Econoflex:

  • Minimum order quantity is just 1 box, perfect for prototyping and *bulk ordering!
  • Currently available in a selection of common Shipper sizes
  • Mirrored 2-panel customization for a full wraparound print (see options here)
  • All designs print in black ink with the help of half-tones to achieve lighter and darker shades
    *Quantities of 1 - 10,000 boxes can be quoted and ordered instantly on our Econoflex box page. For larger quantities, you can contact our team. Quantities of more than 20,000 units can be requested through our Packlane Plus team.

What is a half-tone, you may ask?

Half-toning is a print technique that breaks up an image into a series of dots with various sizes and spacing to reproduce a full tone range in artwork without using a gradient. Our Econoflex box designer automatically converts your artwork into a single-color half-tone so you don't have to worry about figuring it out yourself! 100% black elements will print solid black while any gray or lower opacity elements will be converted into half-tone dots.
You’ll immediately see the half-tone result in the 3D preview and you'll have another chance to review and approve your design during proofing. For best results with half-tone printing, please see our Guidelines here.

In the up-close photo below, you can see the varying shades of black/gray that make up the image of the dog and bone are created using variably sized and spaced dots of ink (this is half-tone). Solid design elements, like the 100% black text, are printed as solid shapes for a crisp high-quality print. 

At a distance, those individual half-tone printed dots in the grayscale image come together to form an optically solid print!

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